Take Us to the Beach

Incorporating sensory experiences into our writing can have a powerful effect on the story. When the reader can see, hear, feel, smell, and even taste what the character is experiencing, it enriches the story. Summer is nearly here and HRW's Characters Corner is seeking beach-themed submissions. So go to the beach! Go when it's sunny,... Continue Reading →


The Vanishing Writers Organization

April's prompt was to imagine that HRW disappeared overnight and Joe Barboza's submission was a perfect fit. See the full prompt after the story. When Hampton Roads Writers first disappeared, I'll be honest, I saw it as an opportunity. An approaching freedom. A release. And I felt good for my creator, newly unchained to pursue... Continue Reading →

No Fee Contest/Cash Prize: Is this for real?

Two phrases together often catch a writer's attention.  No Fee and Cash Prize!  That's exactly what you'll find at HRW's 8th Annual Writers Conference. Attendees have the opportunity to submit in three categories: poetry; fiction; and nonfiction. Each category pays cash prizes. And did I mention there is no fee to submit? Here's what you'll... Continue Reading →

Words of love

To celebrate Valentine's Day this year, we asked our readers and fans to write a 600-word story to go along with this photo. Here are the entries we received: Love—Don't Leave Home Without It by Tammy Wartell Lynn felt like she was just background noise to the military. Everything else always came first: the mission,... Continue Reading →

It’s not what you know; it’s who you know

While this old saw isn’t exactly true for writers—it’s still important to write with authority, no matter how well-connected you are—establishing a network of writers and other industry professionals can be crucial to developing your career. The opportunity for networking at writers’ conferences should not be overlooked. I met my agent, Jeff Ourvan of the... Continue Reading →

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